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Volunteers/Background Check

To start a background check, you must go to the school first!
1. Watch the required Code of Conduct video and bring this form, signed, to the main office.
2. Obtain a volunteer request form from the main office. It has to be signed by administration before you can go to the district office.
3. Schedule an appointment at the district office. You will be given the scheduling link in the main office.
4. Complete fingerprinting at the district office.
5. Confirmation will be sent to the school within 2 weeks.
**The school must have confirmation before you can volunteer/chaperone. Complete fingerprinting early to ensure we have confirmation!
If you would like to volunteer at the school/in your child's classroom please keep the following in mind:
  • If you are volunteering in your child's classroom and will be directly supervised by the teacher or other employee, you do not have to have a background check. Please ask your child's teacher if you need to have a background check for the event you are helping with.
  • Background checks must be completed at the district office. The district does not accept background checks done at outside agencies. 
  • Background checks completed after June 2015, are valid forever and never need to be re-done.
  • Start the process for a background check at least 3 weeks before you need to volunteer/chaperone.
  • If the school has not received confirmation of your background check before you arrive, you will not be allowed to volunteer/chaperone.