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School Community Council

Jordan Ridge Elementary School Community Council

A meeting may be canceled; please check the website one week before the meeting to see if the meeting has been canceled. Any patron may attend meetings even if they are not on the council, but may not vote on agenda items.

SCC Schedule:

Meetings for the 2022-23 school year will be held on the following dates at 3:00 PM:
November 18 
January 13
March 10
January 13, 2023 Agenda for 1/13
November 18, 2022 Agenda for 11/18 Meeting Notes 11/18
October 14, 2022 Agenda for 10/14 Meeting Notes 10/14
February 18, 2022 Meeting Notes 2/18
January 14, 2022 Meeting Notes 1/14


Mission Statement: The School Community Council is a group of parents, teachers, and principal who meet during the school year to discuss and evaluate issues that affect the education and safety of students. The council gathers and shares information, manages School Land Trust funds, and works to effect meaningful improvements for all students.

SCC Rules of Order and Procedure (pdf file)

Land Trust 2020-21

Land Trust 2021-22

Land Trust 2022-23

TSSA 2022-2023


If you would like to be considered for our School Community Council (SCC) , please email Principal Beck at See the responsibilities of SCC here.