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We are Jordan Ridge Eagle Leaders!

We are learners who lead. We commit to succeed.


Student Council Service Project

We are doing a Jordan Ridge service project for the holidays. If parents are able to purchase any of the following items, they can send them in with their students. The items are due by December 16th so we can make the bags.

  • Two Gallon sized baggies
  • Macaroni & Cheese Micro Cups (ie: Kraft Easy Mac cups) – Individual Servings – 2.5oz cups
  •   Cup Noodles Chicken Flavor ie: Nissan Cup O Noodles – Individual Servings – 2.5oz cups
  •  Fruit Squeezable Fruit or Fruit Cup – Individual Servings – 4 oz cups or 3-4 oz pouch
  •  Instant Oatmeal, any flavor – Individual Servings – 2 oz pouch
  •  Granola Bars – Individual Servings - .85 oz to 1.5oz size
  • Cheese Cracker (ie: Goldfish Crackers) – Individual Servings – 1.5oz bags
  •  Shelf Stable, Ready to Drink, Chocolate Milk, High in Protein (ie: Nestle Quick, Instant Breakfast, or similar) – Individual Servings – 8 oz bottles.
  • Can Chili
  • Can Hearty Soup
  • Pop tarts
  • Pudding (chocolate preferred)
  • Fruit snacks
  • Trail-mix or snacks packs
  • Snack pack cookies-(individual size)
  • Chips-(individual size)

Standards-Based Learning and Reporting Update

As you are aware, we are a pilot school for Standards-Based Grading this year. Conferences will look very similar to Spring conferences last year. Teachers will focus on communicating your child’s progress on essential standards.

We have created three more videos to help clarify the changes that you may notice this year. Please take a minute to watch these short videos. You can also access them using the QR code on the flyer below:

Video 1: Standards Based Grading

Video 2: Skyward

Video 3: Connecting School and Home

We are looking for a Custodian at Jordan Ridge!

It is bittersweet that our head custodian, Mr. Mike, will be retiring! We are on the hunt for a spectacular head custodian to fill his shoes. If you or someone you know would love to work with the best students and staff, please tell them to contact Principal Beck or apply at Some prior experience requirements do apply to this position. We will need to hire by the end of October.

Now Hiring District Preschool Assistants

If you would love to work with preschool-aged children, take a look at the flyer below. Just for clarification, this is a district-wide advertisement, not necessarily for positions at Jordan Ridge.

Attendance Reminder


October 7: No school

October 18: Picture make-up day

October 20: Early Out

October 21-28: Fall Break

October 31: Halloween parties in classrooms (no parade)

**Remember, all students need to be registered before school begins. Instructions were sent out in the latest Skylert to parents.

Skylert (August 16, 2022)

Hi Jordan Ridge Community,

We can’t wait to have students back in the halls of our school again! There is a wonderful buzz as teachers get their classrooms ready for your students to arrive. We can’t wait!

We wanted to send out a few more updates before the first day.


School-Wide Code of Conduct 

This year we will be implementing a school-wide behavior management system.  We know that students thrive when there is structure and clear expectations. This structure naturally decreases anxiety for students because they know what to expect. It also helps to support safe spaces and promotes a focus on learning.

We have worked together as a school to develop a set of school-wide behavioral expectations for areas of the school besides the classroom (i.e. lunchroom, playground, hallways, etc). These expectations are found in our code of conduct. In order to increase fidelity and follow through of these expectations, we have created what we call a “what if I do?” and “what if I don’t” system. We know that when students know exactly what will happen when they choose to (or not to choose to) follow the expectations, they are more likely to follow those expectations.

Our school-wide expectations and reinforcements/consequences will be clearly communicated the first week of school and throughout the school year. We wanted to share them with you to help reinforce at home, and so you are aware of the steps that will be taken to help our students remember the expectations in the code of conduct:

What if I do? (school-wide positive reinforcement)

  • Students can earn eagle tickets for the weekly drawing by following the rules.

    • Tickets will be given out by safety patrol, teachers, assistants, etc.

    • Students caught following the rules will be given specific praise to help reinforce their actions.

    • Students can put any tickets earned into the weekly drawing for prizes!

What if I don't? (school-wide level of consequences)

  • Level 1: Warning/reminder (re-teach)

  • Level 2: A new spot/alternative procedure

  • Level 3: Loss of some participation time (under 1 minute)

  • Level 4: Loss of more participation time (under 5 minutes)

  • Level 5: Problem solving time

  • Level 6: Phone call home (teacher and student)

  • Level 7: Structured procedures/alternative procedures

Severe Clause: Any severe actions/behaviors will not follow these levels and be handled at the discretion of the teacher/administration.

As you can see, the leveled consequence system is focused on reteaching and maintaining a positive school culture. Adults will keep a positive, instead of a punitive, focus as they work with students to remember the rules and develop healthy habits.

Remember, this system is to support management in common areas (i.e. lunchroom, playground, hallways, etc).

Teachers also have a similar, but separate management system (classroom rules) in their classroom.


District Calendar

Click here to download a copy of our district calendar.

Reminder: Buses

Remember that we now have buses that drop off and pick up on the West side. Our afternoon preschool bus will now be picking up 30 minutes later than last year. We know that many parents like to come early to park and pick up. We ask that you please keep the yellow loading/unloading zone on the West side open until 3:20 PM so our preschool bus can safely pick up students.

Follow our School on Social Media! 

Our PTA’s social media pages were unexpectedly closed. Here is a link to our new pages so you can follow for updates!



Attendance is Critical!

As we start this new school year, we wanted to reiterate the importance of attendance! It is also important that students are on time; students thrive when they can participate in the morning routines of the classroom. Students develop extraordinary deficits when attendance is poor. We cannot stress enough the importance of attending regularly!

Waterford Upstart

See the Flyer for information about a free Kindergarten preparation program.

Staff Wellness

You probably have heard in the news that last year was one of the most challenging years in education nationwide! Our school, along with our district, is focusing on teacher wellness as a high priority. We have the VERY BEST teachers and staff at JRE and we want to make sure that they are well so they can be their best for our students and have the best year ever this year!

One idea to support wellness is to have light fitness activities (i.e. yoga, zumba, light cardio, etc) once or twice a month for staff to participate in. We would love to have volunteers in our community to help provide these opportunities for our staff. If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering to provide a light fitness class (~1 hour) once or twice a month for our staff, please contact Principal Beck. We would be so grateful!

Extra Curricular Activities


Band will now be housed at Monte Vista Elementary but our students are still invited to participate! See the flyer for more information.


We have been wanting to bring chess back to Jordan Ridge for some time! We have partnered with a local company to provide a chess club at our school. This 12-week program starts on September 15th and costs about $16 per week. See the flyer for more information and to register. We need to have 10 or more students register in order to hold the program at our school.


We are excited to offer choir again this year! Grades 3-6 are eligible to participate; practices will start Thursday mornings in September. See the flyer for more information and to sign up!

Girls on the Run

We are thrilled to be able to host Girls on the Run again this year! We are so grateful for Miss Fiso, Nicole Kerr and Rachel Hardy for being willing to coach this season. Practices will be held Mondays (the website says Mon and Wed, but it is Mondays only) from 3:50-5:50 PM. The season goes from September 12 to November 19 (with the 5K on the 19th). Because of Fall break, the first practice will be Tuesday, September 6th. Registration is now open at

Girls Scouts of America

Girl Scouts of Utah  bring their dreams to life and work together to build a better world.

Through programs from coast to coast, Girl Scouts of all backgrounds and abilities can be unapologetically themselves as they discover their strengths and rise to meet new challenges—whether they want to climb to the top of a tree or the top of their class, lace up their boots for a hike or advocate for climate justice, or make their first best friends.

Backed by trusted adult volunteers, mentors, and millions of alums, Girl Scouts lead the way as they find their voices and make changes that affect the issues most important to them.

Come learn more at our Explore Girl Scouts Night on August 23, 2022 in the Jordan Ridge Elementary gym from 6:00-7:00 p.m.!

For more information, check out this flyer.

We are Almost Fully Staffed!

Wow! You have really answered the call! We have filled many positions that we have posted and many with amazing people in our community! We are so lucky! We just have two positions left to fill. Please reach out to Principal Beck if you have any questions about these openings.

  • Critical Need Aide: 17-25 hours per week, Monday - Friday (days/hours are flexible). Work with students with special needs both in the resource classroom and the general education classroom. Duties may include supporting independent work and study skills and running behavior plans. Apply under “Instructional Assistant” at

  •  Resource Aide: 17 hours per week, Monday-Thursday (may be flexible). Work with the special education team to deliver lessons and assist students with individual educational plans. Apply under “Classroom Assistant” at

Dear Jordan Ridge Families,

We are so excited to welcome you back for the 2022-23 school year! At Jordan Ridge, we are driven by our mission statement: We are learners who lead. We commit to succeed. 

Our teacher teams have been working hard in their Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to ensure every student has the individualized attention they need to succeed. These teams have combed through the curriculum to identify essential standards, created assessments to demonstrate mastery of those standards, and planned for interventions and extensions to support student learning of essential content.

Some of these interventions are through Jordan School District’s adopted model of reading intervention, called Walk to Read. You may have heard your child talk about it at home. Through this model, students are screened for learning gaps and receive explicit instruction on specific reading skills. This model of intervention is also used in math for every grade level. We have seen some fantastic growth in our students as a result!

Students who have mastered the content are given extension opportunities. We are fortunate to be part of a pilot program that gives us a full time Gifted and Talented Specialist. Her overarching duty is to increase the capacity of all teachers in the building to reach gifted learners. Through this combination of specifically targeting learning gaps and extending student learning, we believe all students will have the opportunity to have their individual learning needs met.

We are also excited to announce that we were selected to fully implement standards based grading this year. This is a widely used method of tracking student progress towards core standards that allows for deeper discussion and a clearer picture of student understanding. You experienced what this looks like during our spring parent-teacher conferences. If you would like a refresher on standards-based grading, here’s a link to the video that was sent out prior to those conferences:

Lastly, we believe that when expectations are clear and communicated effectively, students will rise to the occasion. To this end, we have made efforts to revamp the code of conduct and implement a series of “What if I do? What if I don’t?” consequences. We are putting forth extra effort to help every student understand how good learners and leaders behave, and to make sure those expectations are consistent throughout the school. We ask for your help in reinforcing these positive behaviors and helping students learn any new routines. We will be sending our updated school-wide code of conduct out for families to review before school starts.

We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!


Melissa Beck


Teacher Assignments 

Teacher assignments will be in Skyward on August 5th. You can view teacher assignments in Skyward by clicking on “schedule” in the left-hand margin.

Back-to-School Night

Wednesday, August 17th from 5:30-7:00 PM

5:30-6:00 PM-General session in the auditorium

6:00-7:00 PM-Open house; families may visit teachers in their classrooms

**There will not be sessions like in the past. Families are welcome to just visit classrooms at their own pace.

**Kindergarten teachers will not be available during Back to School Night - Students and parents will meet with their teachers during their scheduled interview time (see Kindergarten Appointments section below).

First Day of School for grades 1-6

Thursday, August 18th

School Start/End Times

Grades 1-6

Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM-3:35 PM

Friday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM



AM Classes: 9:00 AM-11:40 AM

PM Classes: 12:55-3:35


AM: 9:00-10:55

PM: 11:05-1:00

Kindergarten Open House and Testing Appointments

An open house will be held on Thursday, August 18th from 9:00 to 10:00 for morning classes and from 10:30 to 11:30 for afternoon classes. This gives children the opportunity to meet their teacher, explore the classroom, and meet new friends.

Please see the flyer for information on signing up for a testing appointment.

No First Grade Appointments

The district has made a change so that all schools have first graders start on the first day of school. Therefore, first graders will start on Thursday, August 18th and will no longer have appointments on the first day.

Online Registration 

Remember that we need every family to complete online registration for every child attending Jordan Ridge every year! When you log on to Skyward to check your teacher assignment, please take a few minutes to complete online registration for each child. We would be so grateful for your help in getting this completed early. This online registration must be completed before students can access their Chromebook.

1.   Go to

2.   Under “Parents & Students” select “Family Access (Skyward)”

3.   Click “Login to FAMILY ACCESS”

4.   Enter your PARENT“login” and “password.”  The student login will not work.

a.   If you need to reset your password please contact the Main Office.

5.   Click “Registration for School”

6.   Select your student and complete each step. Make sure you have completed ALL steps!

School Breakfast and Lunch 

We will start breakfast 15 minutes later this upcoming school year. Breakfast will be available from 8:30-9:00 AM. Please make sure students arrive by 8:45 AM so they have enough time to eat and are not late to class.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced that it is returning to pre-pandemic rules requiring families to apply for free and reduced lunch, rather than allowing all K-12 students to receive free meals.

Families must once again apply for the income-based free and reduced meals for the 2022-23 school year.

School Fees

Please see the notice to families in regard to school fees. The only fees our school charges (outside of community-based programs like Girls on the Run) is for the district band or orchestra program. The fee waiver application can be found here.

**Please note that the fee waiver application is not the same as the free/reduced lunch application. Please see the hyperlink in the previous section for the free/reduced lunch application.

Drop Off and Pick Up 

Remember that we now have buses coming to our school. According to Utah State Code, buses cannot mix with cars at the school. Buses will drop off on the WEST side. We will block off the West side until about 8:45 AM when the buses leave. Patrons can use the West side for drop off after buses have left. Keep in mind that if a bus is late, we will have to keep the lot blocked off until it arrives.

  • The WEST side will be blocked off after school until about 3:45 PM. We will open it up as soon as buses leave the lot.
  • The front (SOUTH) lot will still be available for student drop off and pick up.
  • Patrons can still use the NORTH lot for pick up, but must follow these procedures in order to avoid interactions with buses:
  1. Enter the WEST lot to park in the NORTH lot by 3:25 PM.

  2. Follow all procedures for parking in the NORTH lot (see video).

  3. Exit the NORTH lot by 3:41 PM (buses leave at ~3:42 PM) OR wait until buses leave the lot before exiting. (Safety patrol will block off the NORTH lot with cones while buses are leaving and then open it back up after they leave).

  4. Keep in mind that the bus schedule will trump any of these times for patron use. If a bus is early or late, we will have to block off the parking lot and can only accommodate patrons until buses are gone.

We encourage families to review our traffic procedures before the first day of school to help the flow of traffic. Below, you will find a map with text as well as links to some videos we have put together for some of our parking lots. We will have signs to help on the first week of school.

School Traffic Plan

Church Parking Lot Traffic Safety Procedures

WEST Parking Lot Traffic Safety Procedures

NORTH Parking Lot Traffic Safety Procedures

Student Line-Up Before School

Students will play outside (except on indoor days; posted in the front window) in their grade-level area until the first bell rings at 8:55 AM. Students will then line up with their class (signs will be posted the first week of school) and wait for a teacher to call them into the school.

Students will line up in the following areas:

Kindergarten and 1st grade: small playground at the front of the school

2nd grade: back (North) doors by lunchroom exit

3rd and 4th grade: SouthEast side of school by portable

5th grade: NorthEast side of school in between portables

6th grade: NorthWest side of school by 6th grade doors


Openings still Available 

We are SO grateful for the incredible response to the job openings at our school! We have been able to fill many of the positions. We are still looking for great candidates to fill the following positions

  • NEW   Nutrition Service Worker: ~6 hours a day, 7:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. Work with the lunch manager to cook and prepare both breakfast and lunch. Help serve breakfast and lunch to students. This is a contracted position and eligible for benefits.

  • NEW   Nutrition Service Worker: ~4 hours a day, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Work with the lunch manager to cook and prepare lunch. Help serve lunch to students.

  • Computer Teacher: 12-17 hours per week, Monday - Thursday. Deliver lessons on computer literacy and keyboarding to all grade levels. Time will be given to meet with a co-teacher to plan lessons and collaborate. No teaching license or experience required. Schedule is flexible (i.e. two days a week or half days).

  • Game of the Week Leader: 10-12 hours per week, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Plan and facilitate weekly games during lunch recess. All students are invited to join and some students may be required to participate. Games will run between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. daily, with additional time possible for planning and preparation. Possibility for schedule flexibility (i.e. Monday-Thursday).

  • Reading Interventionist Substitute: Hours depend on how many days you substitute (up to 25 per week). Join our team of reading interventionists and deliver scripted lessons on foundational reading skills, such as phonics and phonemic awareness. Work with small groups of students for thirty minutes at a time. Specialized training and support is provided for all of our interventionists. If you love to teach kids to read, but can only work a few hours or days a week, this position is for you! We need highly skilled people available to substitute so that our students can consistently receive reading interventions.

  • Critical Need Aide: 17-25 hours per week, Monday - Friday. Work with students with special needs both in the resource classroom and the general education classroom. Duties may include supporting independent work and study skills and running behavior plans.

  • Nutrition Assistant (Table Wiper): 10-12 hours per week, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Work in the lunchroom, wiping tables and excusing students to go to recess.


Instructions for how to apply for any of these positions can be found here. You can also email Principal Beck if you have any questions.


We are excited to offer choir again this year! Grades 3-6 are eligible to participate; watch for a flyer to sign up. Practices will start Thursday mornings in September.

Annual Core Standards Survey

As part of the Utah State Board of Education’s Core Standards process, they conduct an Annual Core Standards Survey to get stakeholder feedback to help improve standards and support. The annual survey is now open until August 20th. Participation is voluntary.

We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks! Please call the office if you have any questions. 801.254.8025.

Show your Eagle School Spirit by wearing Jordan Ridge apparel and/or school colors red, blue, silver during the week and every Friday.


Birthday Treat Guidelines
Non-food Items preferred Nut/allergen-free Nothing Homemade Call Office for Class Counts


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