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Faculty & Staff


Photo of Melissa Beck Melissa Beck Principal
Photo of Jana Buck Jana Buck Office Assistant
Photo of Christine Fulbright Christine Fulbright Head Secretary
Photo of Staci Moore Staci Moore Vice Principal
Anita Perry Office Assistant


Photo of Jo Marie Asay Jo Marie Asay Kindergarten
Photo of Mary Chai Mary Chai Speech-Language Pathologist
Photo of Melissa Cummings Melissa Cummings Kindergarten
Photo of Stephanie Gesualdo Stephanie Gesualdo Preschool

1st Grade

Photo of Christy Arnold Christy Arnold
Photo of Ashley Green Ashley Green
Photo of Sandra McDougal Sandra McDougal
Photo of Olympia Mortensen Olympia Mortensen ALPS

2nd Grade

Photo of Christy Edgel Christy Edgel ALPS
Photo of Tonya Hamblin Tonya Hamblin
Photo of Cindy Petersen Cindy Petersen
Celeste Tani

3rd Grade

Photo of Melissa Banks Melissa Banks
Photo of Laurie Christensen Laurie Christensen
Photo of Cathryn Phillips Cathryn Phillips
Photo of Kimberly Sanders Kimberly Sanders ALPS
Photo of Suzanne Sundloff Suzanne Sundloff

4th Grade

Photo of Amanda Garrett Amanda Garrett
Photo of Alison Hall Alison Hall
Photo of Melissa Handy Melissa Handy
Photo of Skylar Hatfield Skylar Hatfield ALPS
Photo of Kimberly Herbert Kimberly Herbert ALPS
Photo of Cherilyn Wright Cherilyn Wright

5th Grade

Photo of Corrine Fiso Corrine Fiso
Photo of Raylee Gifford Raylee Gifford ALPS
Photo of Robyn Gines Robyn Gines
Photo of Amanda Palmer Amanda Palmer
Photo of Bryan Youtz Bryan Youtz

6th Grade

Photo of Cindy Epperson Cindy Epperson
Photo of Linda Irick Linda Irick ALPS
Photo of Kelly Lybbert Kelly Lybbert
Photo of Chris McIntyre Chris McIntyre


Photo of Melissa Barton Melissa Barton
Photo of Michelle Feichter Michelle Feichter
Photo of Rachel Hardy Rachel Hardy
Mary Hollibush
Photo of Elizabeth Pearson Elizabeth Pearson
Photo of Christi Ryther Christi Ryther