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Code of Conduct

 Jordan Ridge Elementary


Jordan Ridge Elementary is a Leader in Me school.  We believe that a focus on helping students identify and utilize their own leadership abilities helps them function well at school and in other aspects of their life.  Some ways students may demonstrate their personal leadership is listed below.

Jordan Ridge Students are Proactive by….

  • Arriving at school by 8:25
  • Obeying school rules and showing courtesy to others
  • Cleaning up an area before leaving (classroom, gym, lunchroom)

Jordan Ridge Students Begin with the End in Mind by….

  • Doing their best work
  • Attending school every day
  • Dressing appropriately for school

Jordan Ridge Student Put First Things First by….

  • Turning in assignments on time
  • Having good attendance
  • Setting time aside for homework and completing it on time

Jordan Ridge Students Think Win-Win by….

  • Seeking to solve conflict by looking for good solutions to problems
  • Taking care of the school building and equipment inside the building
  • Taking care of textbooks and other school materials

Jordan Ridge Students Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood by….

  • Listening to the ideas of others
  • Talking positively to staff, visitors, and other students
  • Showing in action that another’s perspective is understood

Jordan Ridge Students Synergize by….

  • Working together with adults and other students to learn and grow
  • Playing cooperatively at recess and during other group activities
  • Participating and sharing ideas

Jordan Ridge Students Sharpen the Saw by….

  • Being active in P.E. and during recess
  • Pursing and developing talents and abilities in and out of school
  • Finding meaningful ways to help others at school and in our community
Harassment/Bullying Policy

Bullying, cyberbullying, and harassment are not tolerated at Jordan Ridge Elementary. Bullying is when a person or group of people repeatedly seeks to belittle, scare, hurt, put down, tease, threaten, harm, or intimidate another person.

(see complete Policy as098)

Bullying and harassment can be:

  • Verbal: The bully aggressively teases or calls names.
  • Physical: The bully physically hits, shoves, punches, pokes, bumps, corners, or harms you.
  • Visual: (leering, showing embarrassing material),
  • Emotional: The bully uses gestures, notes, rumors, gossip, etc. against someone. The bully may also exclude you or use your relationships with friends as a weapon.
  • Cyber: The bully uses emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, other social networking websites, or other electronic devices to hurt someone.

Students Responsibility:

What should you do if you are getting bullied? Try the following:

  1. Tell the bully to "STOP". Look the bully in the eye without emotion or fear and command him or her to stop.
  2. If the bully continues to bother you, WALK AWAY.
  3. If that doesn’t work, TELL AN ADULT (Teacher, Administrator, Counselor, Parent or an adult you trust). If you remain in silence, nobody will know and you will continue to suffer at the hands of the bully.

Teacher/Administration Responsibility:

  1. Investigate
  2. Inform the parents/guardians
  3. Provide consequences as necessary

All reports of bullying are confidential and handled carefully. Remember: Everyone has a right to come to school and feel safe! If you are bullying others, stop. Parents will be notified when bullying is taking place.

For those students who choose this behavior, consequences may include:

  • Mandatory parent/guardian conference
  • Loss of recess or activity
  • Lunch Detention
  • In School Suspension (ISS)
  • Suspension from school.