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Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Jordan Ridge Parking Lot Drop-Off/Pick-up Procedures

With great consideration from your School Community Council, your PTA, School Board Members, District Administration, several involved department directors and many concerned parents it has been determined the following is the best procedure for our parking lots. If those parents dropping off students here at Jordan Ridge would follow the directions for this area as they were designed, it will provide safety and quicker traffic flow for everyone involved.

PARKING LOT DIRECTIONS – Front of the school – South entrance

For student drop off, cars should only be using the lane closest to the building. Please pull forward to the next available space in the drop-off lane.

Only the first four cars may unload or drop-off students. Then when signaled, they can move forward to leave the area. When all students have exited the first four cars, that group may drive out as a group. Then four more cars will be signaled to move forward to the unload area. Students must remain in their cars until their car is in the unloading area. Parents may not get out of their cars for any reason in the drop-off lane. If there is a need for parents to get out, please pull into a parking spot.

PARKING LOT DIRECTIONS – West entrance along 2700 West

The drop-off area is to be from the end of the cones to the cross-walk at the entrance of the driveway. Once the cars have dropped off their students, they should follow the first car out to

2700 West. Then the next four cars will be signaled to pull forward.

Cars should move as a group; do not pull in to the thru-lane just because you have unloaded your students.

ALL STUDENTS – must exit/enter the car on the curb side of the vehicle, NOT the traffic side.

*As parents please make sure that when you get to the unload zone your students are ready to exit the car. Please attend to all of you students’ needs prior to entering the drop-off area. Please do not leave your vehicle. If you must go into the school please park your car in the appropriate stalls.

The people involved with this drop-off design assure us that if these directions are followed the traffic will move more smoothly and the flow will not be as dangerous.

JRE Updated Traffic Plan.pdf