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Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Jordan Ridge Parking Lot Drop-Off/Pick-up Procedures

**NEW**Drop Off and Pick Up

We will now have a few buses coming to our school. According to Utah State Code, buses cannot mix with cars at the school. Buses will drop off on the WEST side. We will block off the West side until about 8:45 AM when the buses leave. Patrons can use the West side for drop off after buses have left. Keep in mind that if a bus is late, we will have to keep the lot blocked off until it arrives.

The WEST side will be blocked off after school until about 3:42 PM. We will open it up as soon as buses leave the lot.

The front (SOUTH) lot will still be available for student drop off and pick up.

Patrons can still use the NORTH lot for pick up, but must follow these procedures in order to avoid interactions with buses:

  1. Enter the WEST lot to park in the NORTH lot by 3:25 PM.

  2. Follow all procedures for parking in the NORTH lot (see video below).

  3. Exit the NORTH lot by 3:41 PM (buses leave at ~3:42 PM) OR wait until buses leave the lot before exiting. (Safety patrol will block off the NORTH lot with cones while buses are leaving and then open it back up after they leave).

  4. Keep in mind that the bus schedule will trump any of these times for patron use. If a bus is early or late, we will have to block off the parking lot and can only accommodate patrons until buses are gone.

Please be patient with us as we learn this new procedure. We will do our very best to help make this a smooth adjustment. We suggest that students walk/bike to school if at all possible to help alleviate traffic congestion.

We encourage families to review our traffic procedures before the first day of school to help the flow of traffic. Below, you will find a map with text as well as links to some videos we have put together for some of our parking lots. We will have signs to help on the first week of school.

School Traffic Plan

See the document and videos below for our school traffic plan.

JR Traffic Plan 2021-22


Church Parking Lot Traffic Safety Procedures

WEST Parking Lot Traffic Safety Procedures

NORTH Parking Lot Traffic Safety Procedures