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School Community Council

Jordan Ridge Elementary School Community Council

SCC meetings for the 19-20 School year will be in the JRE Media Center. All meetings will start at 4:00 PM and will be held in the Media Center. A meeting may be canceled; please check the website one week before the meeting to see if the meeting has been canceled. Any patron may attend meetings even if they are not on the council, but may not vote on agenda items.

SCC Schedule:

2nd Thursday of each month (no meeting in December or March)

Mission Statement: The School Community Council is a group of parents, teachers, and principal who meet during the school year to discuss and evaluate issues that affect the education and safety of students. The council gathers and shares information, manages School Land Trust funds, and works to effect meaningful improvements for all students.

SCC Rules of Order and Procedure (pdf file)

18-19 School Land Trust Final Report

Land-Trust Goals-2019-20

School Report Card FAQ

Utah School Accountability Infographic


Trust Land link.pdf

Next meeting is November 29, 2018 @ 4:00pm.


Next meeting is January 18th

School Community Council — September 20, 2017

School Community Council — September 14, 2016

We met on September 14, 2016 at 6:00 in the school media center.  

Mrs. Anderson had everyone introduce themselves—Dr. Cooke, assistant principal, Kayleen Whitlock, board member, Jill Evans, parent, Jeremey Hart, parent, Emily Evershed, parent, Tamara Tanner, parent, Frankie Walton, teacher and Susan Raines, teacher.  Also Sandy King and administrative intern was in atteandance.  

Mrs. Whitlock, talked about the bond and the upcoming Open House.  Mrs. Anderson talked about that as well and gave everyone 5 flyers, to share with neighbors, that might not have students in school.  She also gave everyone a flyer of the schedule of trainings for the district for School Community Councils.  And another flyer for the LandTrust Site and trainings by the state.  

Mrs. Evans volunteered to be the chairman, thanks so much.  Then we determined that the next meeting should be the Open House on September 28 @ 6:00.  Then we would also meet in February 8 and March 8 @ 6:00 for our meetings about the SNAP plan and LandTrust plan.   Dr. Cooke explained about the SNAP plan and Mrs. Tanner, asked if any of our requests had be taken care of.  We told her not at this time.  

The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

School Community Council—March 30, 2016

The last meeting of the School Community Council was held on March 30, in the Jordan Ridge Media Center. Bruce Ward called the meeting to order and then Mrs. Anderson reviewed the Trust Lands Proposal for the coming year. She showed where the money had been spent and for what the money would be used for in the upcoming year. Then she also asks for additional money in the technology, to buy more chrome books for next year. Everyone talked about what the plan does for the school and then everyone voted to accept the plan.

Mr. Ward, said that he can’t be on the council next year, his youngest child will be headed to the junior high. Otherwise everyone else, it willing to serve another year.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

In attendance: Mr. Ward, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Delaney, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Raines, Dr. Cooke and Mrs. Anderson

School Community Council—February 10, 2016

Attendance: Bruce Ward, Andy Nelson, Jill Evans, Sonja Delaney, Frankie Walton, Susan Raines, Tiffany Cooke and Catherine Anderson.

Bruce Ward called the meeting to order and he went through the agenda items. Also noted that the next meeting will be March 2, 2016.

Mrs. Cooke went over the SNAP plan, with the revisions and suggestions from the council. It has been submitted and waiting for South Jordan to let us know, if anything we asked for will be taken care of.

Mrs. Anderson, then talked about this years Land Trust money, what has been done with it and what they school would like to suggest for next year. Most of the money is involved with wages the three STAR reading tutors, the STAR math tutor, the five PLC aides and to pay for one of the three playground aides.   This year the money does not include wages of the computer lab aide, because we got a new lab. But for next year, we would need to pay those wages. We also have this year hired Mrs. Raines to teach and extra section of kindergarten. Mrs. Raines talked about her extra kindergarten class and what a bonus, this has been for these students. Then we also have $10,000.00 for technology. Which Mrs. Anderson, spent today. This would be a nice thing to include for next year as well.

Spending the money, we used the $10,000.00 from the Land Trust, $9,000.00 from a one-time district technology grant, $5,000.00 from the PTA and $1,500.00 from the cell tower and purchased 160 chrome books and carts, to use with the 6th grade. Mrs. Anderson commented that is was quite easy to spend $40,000.00 very fast. Mrs. Walton commented on how wonderful this will be for the 6th grade students and Mr. Ward commented on how his daughter teacher is using Google classroom and how much they as parents like it.

All comments and suggestions were carry on and keep the good things going.

So Mrs. Anderson will write the plan and present it March 2 for signing.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20.

School Community Council Minutes---October 7, 2015

Attendance: Mr. Bruce Ward, Chair, Kayleen Whitlock, board member, Andy Nelson, Heather Smith, Candi McCoy, Tamara Tanner, Frankie Walton, Susan Raines, Tiffany Cooke and Catherine Anderson.

Mr. Ward, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone, especially Mrs. Whilock and thanked her for her time and dedication to the Jordan School District.

Mrs. Cooke, shared the SNAP plan, after review some asked that we ask for sidewalks again. Much talk and discussion about if we get a hold of the people running for city council, could these things get done. Mrs. Whitlock suggested that the members of the council as parents get ahold of these people and talk about the issues. Mrs. Smith asked about 2700 West and 10400 South, Mrs. Cooke said that she would check into that area, before submitting the plan.

Mrs. Tanner, asked about a fund raiser, Mrs. Anderson led the discussion about that and in the end felt that extra funds, from a fund raiser were not need at this time. Especially if the second cell tower comes about. The council asked Mrs. Anderson to follow up on the tower.

A bit of discussion about South Jordan City and the codes of the city.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

School Community Council Minutes---September 7, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Anderson, she welcomed her staff for being there. Mrs. Frankie Walton, Mrs. Susan Raines and Mrs. Tiffany Cooke. The first order of business was to figure out when to have the rest of the year meetings. Mr. Bruce Ward, our chair and Mrs. Sonja Delaney both came to the meeting. Mr. Ward, then took control and the dates for the year were set.

October 7, February 10 and March 2 at 6:30 pm in the Jordan Ridge Elementary Media Center.
We set tentative agendas for each meeting which are:

October 7—review of the SNAP plan, so it would be ready for South Jordan City, by January. Preview of the review of the SchoolLand Trust plan from 14-15 and what is happening for 15-16.

February 10—Review of 15-16 plan, suggestions for 16-17 plan. Re visit the new cell tower.

March 2—Sign off on the 15-16 plan and final approval of the 16-17 plan.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

SCC Minutes February 10, 2015

Started at 6:40-

Mr. Ward got the meeting started and then Tiffany Cooke, went through the safe walking route and the new SNAP plan. All members looked at the plan and made a few suggestions and approved the plan.

Then Mr. Acosta and his boss, from K-12 Fund Raising talked to the group about a fundraiser—the school need is for more teacher laptops—but the committee did not make a decision. They wanted a month to think about it and get more information.

Information that Mrs. Anderson was to bring to the meeting next month—where are we on the other cell tower, how much money is left in the Land Trust, and if there is money left can it be used for laptops?

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm

March 10, 2015

Meeting started-6:35 pm

In attendance: Bruce Ward, Andy Nelson, Tamara Tanner, Sharon Richins, Jill Evans, Alicia Carpenter, Lindsay Alexander, Tiffany Cooke, Debi Warner, Frankie Walton and Cathy Anderson.

Mrs. Anderson gave answers to the questions from last month---Cell Tower—that is in the hands of South Jordan City—the word from the district is---it moves very slowly and then when they are ready—it explodes and happens very fast.

There is Land Trust money left—to buy the needed computers. So this means that we need to make an addendum to last years plan and everyone needs to sign it.

Then she presented the plan for this year, which again is wages for the three STAR ladies, the computer lab aide, the computer/math aide, the five PLC aides, and then a new plan to hire one of the kindergarten teachers for half a day, all year, to work with some of the kindergarten students for early intervention. Discussion about interventions for old students, both Mrs. Warner and Mrs. Walton, felt that the younger we can help them the better. And in the older grades it is very difficult to have one person or one program fill the need.

Plan was approved---all members in attendance would like to be on the committee again next year—except for Sharon Richins, who will not have a student here next year.

The fundraising folks were here to answer questions and the committee took a vote and voted not to do the fundraiser at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

October 23, 2014

Jordan Ridge Elementary School Community Council met at 6:30 in the media center, attending were Sharon Richins, Andy Nelson, Heather Smith, Frankie Walton, Tiffany Cooke and Catherine Anderson.

Mrs. Anderson, called the meeting to order and Mrs. Cooke presented the SNAP plan, the safe walking route---no questions or concerns. Then she presented information about the SAGE testing, we told the parents about the meeting we would be having on October 20 @ 7:00 in the gym—hoping to reveal the schools scores. Which the scores are still “embargoed” so the public still does not know the result of the SAGE testing.

Mrs. Anderson then asked if anyone had concerns about things here in the school. Mrs. Richins said that her daughter does not like, that they have to whisper in the lunchroom. Mrs. Anderson said, she did not know that was a rule, so she will talk with the cashier about this. Mrs. Smith, brought up that the students are getting sour milk and moldy food. Again Mrs. Anderson was totally caught off guard, but would talk to the ladies about this issue in the morning.

Meeting was adjourned until February 10 @ 6:30.

September 17, 2014

Attendance—Catherine Anderson, principal, Tiffany Cooke, asst. principal, Debi Warner, teacher, Frankie Walton, teacher, Bruce Ward, Sharon Richins, Jill Evans, Rebecca Teece—Alicia Carpenter and Heather Smith, both were excused for personal reasons. Andy Nelson was out of town and could not attend.

Introductions of everyone, then Mr. Ward said that he would chair the council, with help from the administration, but would conduct the meetings and do all that he could. Everyone else was relieved and pleased!

Mrs. Anderson reviewed the LandTrust plan, what is being done with the funds this year.

Mrs. Cooke talked about the SNAP plan and that South Jordan City would like to hear about the plan, so they will be invited to the next meeting.

The meeting dates were set for: October 14, February 10 and March 10 @ 6:30 in the Media Center.

Mrs. Teece and Mrs. Evans talked about safety and the need to train parents---Mrs. Anderson said that the PTA president has offered to help us with a video---Mrs. A, will get her ideas and she will go for and we will run it for the parents at PTC in November.

Mrs. A. also mentioned about another cell tower, the parents were thrilled for a another source of funding, that the children did not have to sell something. They all loved the PTA’s jog a thon.

Meeting adjourned about 7:15

April 16, 2014

Attendance: Cathy Anderson, Patty Bowen, Sharon Richins, Tamara Tanner, Andy Nielson and Bruce Ward.

Cathy Anderson called the meeting to order---and thanked everyone for coming and for serving this year. Patty Bowen talked about the rules for next year and that everyone on the committee who wanted to stay for the next year, could---which they would like to. Again we will need a chair person, but Marilyn Smith was not in attendance, to ask if she’d like to remain or not. The committee thought it would be a good idea, to talk about the SCC at ALP’s orientation, Kindergarten orientation and Back to School Nights. Mrs. Bowen said that it was not talked about at Kindergarten orientation, but that we would bring it up and have papers to fill out at the other events.

Mrs. Tanner asked about writing a letter to the city, from the members of the committee about the housing development---Mrs. Bowen explained that as a member of this committee they certainly could, but as the administrators we would not be writing a letter.

Mrs. Anderson talked to the committee about the new security doors and system. Questions were asked about tracking, permits and next years calendar. Mrs. Anderson did her best to give all the proper and correct information.

Adjourned at 7:15

March 13, 2014

Called to order by Marilyn Smith

In attendance: Marilyn Smith, Patty Bowen, Bruce Ward, Andy Nielson, Tamara Tanner, Sharon Richins, Susan Jones, Linda Sabey and Debi Warner.

Mrs. Anderson was ill. Mrs. Bowen talked and took the committee through the safe walking route and packet---she showed the maps of where students walk and the directions, they should be walking. The committee bought up no additional problems. The committee felt that the route was safe and that the problems were noted.

Mrs. Bowen presented the Land Trust final report and the proposal for next year. The committee felt that everything in the reports seemed to be true and that which is being done here, was what is going on and what should be going on.

The committee feels that the money for the STAR reading and math programs is money well spent. Most feel that the PLC’s are going well and making a difference. The committee thanked Mrs. Bowen for all her time and hard work on these reports.

Then a discussion about more trees for the property and Mrs. Bowen told them she would follow up on that. Another discussion about the new sub-division and how many students and how many houses and how does this affect Jordan Ridge. Again Mrs. Bowen said that she would check on that as well.

Finally the impact of the boundary change and how many students were we getting from Elk Meadows. If all the students come it would be 165, but some students are permitting to stay, so only about 100 are coming.

Adjourned at 8:30