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School Safety

Jordan District Reopening Plan

Jordan Ridge Reopening Plan 

Jordan Ridge Elementary


Safety is a major concern for parents, staff, and students and all should accept individual responsibility for caring for each other.  The following suggestions, though not exhaustive, can be used as talking points in your family conversations to help ensure student safety.

General Safety

  • Students should leave the school grounds immediately and go directly home when school is dismissed.
  • Students should arrive at school in time for school, but not so early that they are alone on the playground.
  • Parents who pick children up should arrive a few minutes before school is out.
  • Students should never walk or ride with strangers.
  • Families should discuss and select a safe walking route to and from school.
  • Families should discuss ways to be safe around unfamiliar animals, especially dogs.
  • Students should know their name, address, and phone number.

Vehicles: Cars and Buses

  • Drivers should observe all traffic regulations, especially speed limits.
  • Drivers should load and unload in designated areas only and refrain from parking along the inside curb of the driveway.
  • Drivers should watch for children.  Children should also watch for cars and buses.

Pedestrians and Bicyclists

  • Students should cross the street at the crosswalk.  Bike students should walk their bikes across the street.
  • Students should walk on the sidewalk and not walk or ride between parked cars.
  • Students should park their bikes in the bike racks while at school.  The school is not responsible for damage or theft so a bike lock may be considered.
  • Students should not ride their bikes on the sidewalk when walkers are present.
  • Students should not ride bikes on the playground during school hours.

A safety committee comprised of staff members meets regularly to review safety concerns and implement solutions.

Staff members at Jordan Ridge Elementary are trained to handle crisis situations and we will do our utmost to keep your children safe. The most important thing parents can do to help us prior to an emergency is to fill out the online registration so that we have accurate information to use in contacting you.  Thank you for helping us keep all of our students safe.