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We are honored to share the news...

Reflections 2019-20 Winners.pdf

REGIONAL CUSF STEM FAIR (5 Districts in Utah)
Grand Champion:  Gabriel Pease
1st Place: Jacob Poulter
2nd Place:  Mason Bishop & Stella Smuin
3rd Place: Brayden Ericson & Evan Latta

Congratulations to Abi Hooper & Knute Rockne - They will be moving on to State History Day on April 25!

Congratulations to our 4-6 grade Spelling Bee Winners
Mohnish Yalavarty 1st place
Brooklyn Lee 2nd place
Grace Loos 3rd place
Congratulations to all of the 4-6 graders involved!

Congratulations to our 2-3 grade Spelling Bee Winners
Brooklyn Lee 1st place
Avery Godfrey 2nd place
Avery McDonald 3rd place
Congratulations to all of the 2-3 graders involved!
Brooklyn Lee will continue on to the School Spelling Bee Feb. 12. Good luck! 

Dan Guthrie from KSL visited Jordan Ridge's 4th graders. He taught them about the weather, air pressure, and his responsibilities and opportunities as a meteorologist. Maybe in the future, we will see a Jordan Ridge alumni as a meteorologist on tv. Thanks Dan!

Congratulations to Kyle Anderson!

Jordan Ridge Elementary's Geography Bee Winners 2018-19

First Place - Mohnish Yalavarty
Second Place - Dane Nelson-Julander
Third Place - Holden Knight

Mrs. Natalie Terry, our school's head secretary, has taken a job with HR with the Jordan District for next year. Thanks for all of your efforts at Jordan Ridge. Good luck and know that you'll be missed.

Special thanks to Jordan Ridge's PTA!!! The 2017-18 school year has been filled with amazing events and programs thanks to our amazing PTA!!!

May 17 was Jordan School District's storytelling festival called "Story Weavers". Miss Gines’ fourth graders earned a spot in the festival.
Esmé Homer  "Medusa"
Emma Edgel "Tangled"
Ava Crino & Sarah Child "Interviewing Mother Gothel"
Congratulations! Your tales took us on an adventure. Thank you!

Central Utah STEM Fair (State Competition) at BYU

(12 Jordan Ridge took  of the 74 awards given!)

  • HUMANITARIAN AWARD, Sonora Homer--The Power of Positive Coding
  • U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Award, Katie Smith--Discover the Hover
  • Engineering - 4th Place, Nick Hurley--Building a Solar Oven Out of Trash
  • Life Science - 4th Place, Sophie Whitehead--Does Medium Matter?
  • Chemistry - 3rd Place, Mara Spigarelli--See the C
  • Life Science - 3rd Place, Rachel White--How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh
  • Life Science - 3rd Place, Stella Smuin--Plant Growth and Light
  • Engineering - 2nd Place, Noah Hardy--Cleaning Hard-to-Clean Spaces
  • Life Science - 2nd Place, McKinley Boehm--Does Your Sense of Smell Impact Your Brain?
  • Life Science - 2nd Place, Emma Pond--Roses are Red, Until They're Dead
  • Computer Science - 1st Place, Sonora Homer--The Power of Positive Coding
  • Product Testing & Consumer Science - 1st Place, Samantha Humphrey--Seeing Through the Fog: Tackling the Problem of Fogged Up Glasses Using Everyday Products

Math Olympiad Competition (Multi-District)

     Honorable Mention Individual Award:
          Isaac Smith
         Jared Young
     1st Place Team (over 65 teams participated)
          Devin Butterfield
          Ben Clark
          Dillan Orr
          Isaac Smith

          Jared Young



Division 1 (General Ed)
  Individual Speaker Awards:
     1st Place:  Alivia McEwan
     1st Place:  Abby Homer
Division 2 (Gifted and Talented)
  Elementary Public Forum Debate TEAM Winners:
    NEG 5th Place:  Paul & Jordan
    AFF 3rd Place:   Sophie & Carter
    AFF 2nd Place:   Mara & Brenna
  Individual Speaker Award:
    NEG 2nd Place:  McKinley

On Friday, March 23 ten of Miss Gines' 4th graders participated and competed at the Regional History Day. The following students were in the top 4 in their category. The UHD directors didn't give specific place awards 1st - 4th but honored the top 4 with a "Youth Outstanding Project" award. 

Congratulations to the following who earned the Youth Outstanding Project Award

Ava Crino Sarah Child - group exhibit The Great Dinosaur Rush

Beckham Lindsey & Dane Nelson-Julander - group exhibit - Winter Quarters Mine Disaster

Clara Kerksiek - individual exhibit - Jay Hess: Prisoner of War

Madilyn Everett - individual website - The Golden Spike: The compromise that connected the East and the West

2-3 Grade Spelling Bee
1st Mohnish Mohnish (middle)
2nd Carter Phillips (right)
3rd Alvin Gao (left)
School Spelling Bee 4-6 Grade & Winner of Primary Grades
1st Mohnish Mohnish (#11)
2nd Samantha Humphreys (#33)
3rd Mara Spigarelli (#13)

Congratulations to Noah Hardy for taking 1st place at our Jordan Ridge Elementary Geography Bee. Well done!

Dear Frankie Walton,

Congratulations! You are receiving this email because your student, Michael Pond, has become one of the top 300 MASTERS in the 2017 Broadcom MASTERS®, a program of Society for Science & the Public.  This honor places him among a select group of 300 MASTERS named from over 6,000 nominees throughout the United States.  Michael  submitted your name as the teacher that inspired and assisted him with their science fair project.  This achievement deserves to be celebrated!

In recognition of the essential role of teachers to motivate and educate these remarkable young scientists and engineers, you will receive a one year subscription to Science News magazine and a Broadcom MASTERS reusable grocery tote.  This prize will be sent directly to your school over the next few weeks.

To see a complete list of the 2017 top 300 MASTERS, please visit

The next step in the Broadcom MASTERS takes place on September 20, 2017 when 30 finalists will be selected from the top 300 MASTERS.  Finalists and one parent or guardian will receive an all-expense paid trip to Washington, DC to attend the Broadcom MASTERS Finals Week competition from October 20-24, 2017.  Finalists will present their research and compete in hands-on challenges for top prizes, including funds to attend a STEM summer camp, iPads, and the Samueli Prize of $25,000.

Again, congratulations to you and Michael for his selection as a member of the 2017 top 300 MASTERS. Thank you for encouraging all of your students to not just participate in science fair, but to explore their potential.

Parshva Bavishi
Manager, Broadcom MASTERS
Society for Science & the Public

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our
Jordan Ridge Scripps Spelling Bee! 

Winners of 1-3 grade Spelling Bee:
1st Place: Mohnish Yalavarty
2nd Place: Kazim M.Ali
3rd Place: Grace Winebrenner

Winners of 4-6 grade Spelling Bee:
1st Place: Nethra Suresh
2nd Place: Michael Collins
3rd Place: Rohan Siddamsettiwar

 Congratulation to all of the students who participated in the Geography Bee. This year's champions are:
1st Place: Kyle Anderson
(Three-Time Champion)

2nd Place: Christopher Block
3rd Place: Sabrina Montero

Ava Simmons, in Mrs. Hall's 4th grade class, started training last March and ran the 40th anniversary (26.2 mile) St. George Marathon this past Saturday and won 4th in her age group. Her time was 5 hours 15 minutes.

Facebook link: Facebook page

A great big thank you for all those who helped make our Kindergarten and 1st grade food drive a huge success. We began this food drive in early November when we learned about the Habit- Win-Win. We learned about the sacrifices of our American soldiers, and wanted to pay that sacrifice forward by helping families in need. We collected 582 canned foods and over 100 dry food boxes.

Miss Gines' 4th graders "The Fossilists" took #1 place at the State Creative Pursuit Bowl! Congratulations to Jordan Fjeldsted, Ace Reiser, Sonora Homer, and Mara Spigarelli!

Dan Guthrie from KSL visited Jordan Ridge's 4th graders. He taught them about the weather, air pressure, and his responsibilities and opportunities as an meterologists. Maybe in the future we will see a Jordan Ridge alumni as a meteorologist on tv. Thanks Dan!

"Peace Salaam Shalom"
Brenna (4th grade) & Mary (5th grade) spreading the message of peace...

Through Up With Kids, we were given the opportunity to perform "Peace Salaam Shalom" with Emma's Revolution at the 2015 Parliament of World Religions.  We sang for thousands of people from all over the world who were there to talk about ways to create a more peaceful environment.  We wanted to spread the word about peace so that everyone can be nice and peaceful to each other.  Personally, I wanted everyone to know that even though we have different religions, we can still treat each other as we treat ourselves. ~ Mary-Jane Stowell

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.03.22 PM

Math Olympiad Teams Attending Daybreak Competition

Team 1 - Kate CanningAerin Dyal

William Tegtmeier

Sam Turley

Anuhya Yalavarty

Team 2 - Walker MilletCameron Orr

Gavin Spens

Thea Spigarelli

Weston Teece

Team 3 - Hope MillerWilliam Nguyen

Marshall Pease

Adrian Richins

Peter Young

Team 4 - Jaden DenisonEmma Hooper

Draeden Jensen

Brandon Johanson

Ella Whitehead

Team 5 - Kyle AndersonVictoria Hollingsworth

Michael Pond

Nethra Suresh

Natalie Swain


Congratulations to Rohan Siddamsettiwar (4th grade ALPS) won 1st place in the Senior Spelling Bee for the fourth time in a row! He was competing with 4-8 graders!


Jordan Ridge Chess Club

Jordan Ridge Students who participated in the 7th Annual West Jordan Scholastic Open Chess Tournament, held on January 24th,2015

Noah Ashton
Nephi Christensen
Adam Day
Sarah Day
Andrew Shackelford
Lillian Wang


Lego Building Club

The “Harry Bot-ters” team, originally a Jordan Ridge student-based team, won their regional tournament 2 weeks ago, qualifying to competed at the state level last Saturday.  Then at the state tournament, they placed second in the robotics competition, and third over all out of 46 teams.  They also qualified to attend a Global tournament in Fayetteville, Arkansas this May, where they will be competing against teams from around the world.  It was quite an accomplishment, and we wanted to let you know!

On the team was Sam Turley from Mrs. Jones’ class, Devin Miller from Mrs. Lybbert’s class, former Jordan Ridge student Manvith Manchala, and two non-Jordan Ridge students.

Jordan Ridge Reflections Honorable Mention winners-- Region 6

Cannon Weaver

Saylor Warner

Grace Loos

Melanie Smith

Brooklyn Ericson

Adien Barneck

Evie Graham

Peter Young

The WINNERS of the Jog-A-Thon contest went to Menchie's in a LIMO with Mrs. Anderson.
Monish Yavalarty - K Raines
Tyler Carlson - 1st Christensen

Saylor Warner - 1st Christensen
Shyann Banasky - 2nd Baggett
Curtis Carlson - 3rd Han
Shaye Anderson - 4th Richins
Russell Carlson - 5th Gifford
Celeste Kalapala - 6th Jones

Congratulations to Autumn Smith (4th grade) & Lanie Smith (5th grade) who competed on the show America's Got Talent with One Voice Children's Choir. Three Jordan Ridge alumni, Abbie Scott, Maggie Scott, and Ellie Thacker, were also in the choir. One Voice Children's Choir made it to the second round on AGT. If you missed the show, check out: "Let It Go" and "Burn" *It's kind of like "Where's Waldo" --- See how many Jordan Ridge students you can see singing their hearts out.

Congratulations! Eagles Continue to Soar!